CT scans, sometimes referred to as CAT scans are diagnostic imaging procedures used to capture 3D images of the inside of the human body. CT scans use the same imaging method as x-rays but can capture images x-rays cannot. The high quality (HD) images captured by our scanners will provide a doctor with a clearer view of the patient’s inner organs, blood vessels and soft tissues than a traditional x-ray. Our center will have contrast and non-contrast CT options.

CT scan procedures we perform include​

Abdominal CT scans​

Check the organs found in this region and diagnose unexplained abdominal pain​

Chest CT scans​

Offer further insight into abnormalities caught by a regular chest X-ray in and around the lungs

Head or Brain CT scans​

Look for masses, stroke, bleeds and other abnormalities, as well as examine the skull

Cardiac CT scans​

Study looks at issues and abnormalities of the heart

CT Angiography​

Diagnose and detect issues with blood vessels such as Checks for narrowing and blockages of blood vessels

Spine and Bone CT scan​

Detect spine issues like narrowing of the spinal canal or a herniated disc, as well as fractures

CT Urography​

Used to detect kidney stones


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