About Us

We are a team of Medical and Radiology professionals trained in the the USA and Cameroon with over 20 years of combined experience in medical imaging bringing top notch diagnostic imaging services to Cameroon. 

We are currently constructing a brand new medical plaza building conveniently located at Mile 17 Buea (behind CNPS). Our clinic is the first state-of-the-art diagnostic and medical imaging center in the region. All our medical equipment is imported from the US as we plan to offer US type medical care in Cameroon.  We provide top notch radiology services, fast radiology reports, excellent customer service.

Our Vision​

Remain a center of excellence by providing advanced technologies, set a model for continuing collaboration and training between diaspora and Cameroonian professionals, a model that ceb be replicated in other parts of Africa.

Provide a comprehensive approach to health care management by offering imaging, laboratory and conults under one roof in an outpatient basis.  

Ceate employment opportunities, and forever change the patient experience in our community as a whole and Cameroon at large.

Increase access to modern and affordable diagnostic and medical imaging services. We are putting this vision to work through our community care efforts, outreach programs, philanthropy, and efficiency innovations.

Our Mission

Save lives and reduce suffering through early disease and cancer diagnosis by providing affordable and modern screening, diagnostic and medical imaging services in a modern facility. With an international team of medical experts, uncommon compassion, and top-notch customer service, we are here to serve our community. This is the foundation of our purpose.  

Research, Data collection and analysis on the impact of increased screening efforts, and how it affects long term cancer survival in the local population.

Studying and quantify the impact of implementing and managing new diagnostic imaging systems (DRLs, image quality, low-cost QC, medical physics practice and training,) and their effects on the management of cancers so as to better deploy our limited resources from  public heath standpoint

It is our mission to increase survival through quality sensitization, screening and early diagnosis.

Our Values

Quality and Service Excellence: Deliver exceptional quality imaging for better diagnosis and strive for excellence in all we do.

Community Well-Being

Committed to improving the health, prosperity and well-being of our community.

High Ethical Standards

We uphold high ethical standards based our experience in the US Heath Sector, with integrity driving every action and decision we make.

Stewardship and Inclusiveness

We are responsible for and guided by a relentless stewardship in managing the care of the people and resources entrusted to us. We recognize and celebrate the experiences, backgrounds and cultures of our clients, visitors, and colleagues, and embrace opportunities to learn and grow from new perspectives. We have implemented green and renewable energy sources via our onsite water bore-hole and solar panels.


Most of our medical imaging equipment are imported from the United States You should consider checking out all what we do here and trust you won’t be disappointed.



We offer a host of other services to all our clients, consultants or visitors. Visit us at our headquarters in Buea and you won’t be disappointed.


Send us a messege directly and we will always be there to attend to you.